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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Words by Josh Leonard
Images by OnTap Products and AdventureIntel

Running water for those running wild

Gone are the days of costly 12V setups and heavy water tanks. For too long those who didn’t need bulk water onboard have been left high and dry.

Coincidence is a funny thing, it wasn’t more than a week ago that we were watching one of our mates butchering a jerry-can with about as much precision as you’d expect from a bush mechanic after forty-seven beers.

See, he was convinced he was going to make the pump from a 12V shower he’d stolen, sorry, “borrowed.” from the desk of an AdventureIntel team member fit it inside that jerry-can and thus solve the issue so many of us face; the need for portable running water that actually works. Spoiler alert: he failed miserably.

If you’re anything like the team at AdventureIntel, all you want to be able to do when you’re off-grid is hose the sand from your feet, the salt off your board and (if you’re feeling particularly domestic), maybe even wash the dishes after dinner and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to have the means to do it.

For a long time now the issue has been that the market only catered for those who needed more than 50 odd litres of water in their rig and this has always come with a significant amount of swinging spanners, swearing and spending.

Queue OnTap products with the answer to our prayers, unlike our mate - they got this right, and with surgical precision!

‘The Original’ by OnTap comes with everything you need to get you started as soon as you lift it out of the box and the quality of the product is immediately noticeable. We love the coiled hose and adjustable nozzle that comes as standard, it provides as much length as you need without compromising on space - perfect for those running rear drawer setups who like to keep things tidy. The adjustable nozzle means you can switch from a shower style stream to a higher pressure wash down function depending on what your application is.

"The only thing we love more than Aussie ingenuity is Australian made products and OnTap hit the nail on the head with this one!"

The 22 litre jerry-can is fitted with a 12 litre per minute 12V pump with a hose that reduces usage and increases pressure, meaning you get great economy both power and water-consumption wise. When AdventureIntel tested The Original we washed a couple of surfboards down about 10 times between us, hosed a spilt drink off the tailgate of our Ranger, the sand off us, filled water bowls for our furry friends and did the obligatory spray your mate in the pants so it looks like he wet himself trick and still had over 9 litres of water left when we got home.

The Verdict

The Original by OnTap does exactly what it says on the box and it does it well. The plug and play cigarette socket makes things extremely easy and it comes with enough cable length for almost every setup. While the pump provides low current draw and uses minimal water it still provides significant pressure and gets the job done with ease. This is an effective and low cost option that won’t weigh down your rig or take up huge amounts of space. Our Editor has already shotgunned The Original to run in his ute full time.

We would suggest purchasing the the shut-off valve kit that OnTap offers to stop any leaks when the hose isn’t attached. We'd also love the option of a hard-wiring kit. When AdventureIntel reached out to OnTap Products to chat about this they confirmed a hardwired option was in the pipeline, good news!


  • 22l capacity

  • Up to 5 min of shower/rinse time

  • Built in pump, 12l/min flow rate

  • Powered by detachable 12v power cord with cig plug (included)

  • 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m or 5.0m power cord length

  • Standard garden hose quick connector

  • 7 function spray gun

  • Dimensions: W17.9cm x L34.8cm x H46.0cm

  • Includes: Pump, hose & spray gun, tap, bung, power cord & dust cap

  • Made From Green, Food-Grade High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

  • UV Stabilised